Real Life Heroes

Real Life Heroes are the everyday men and women who fight to create a better world. They do, however, lack superpowers and instead help society in realistic ways. Real life Heroes can be personal as well as shared and can come from every walk of life.

Examples of common Real Life Heroes:
  • Fire Fighters: They are perhaps the closest to superheroes due to their strength and ability to withstand harsh conditions and the possibility of death to serve society.
  • Police Officers: Catching the 'bad guys' places these men and women in the rightful position of Real Life Heroes.
  • Medial Personnel (Doctors, Nurses etc): Saving lives is particularly high up on the requirements hero, so medical personnel make the cut.
  • Celebrities or Public Figures: Especially those who have overcome difficulties in their lives.


Examples of personal Real Life Heroes:
  • Parents: Children of all ages often find their parents to be their ultimate heroes, from chasing away the monsters under their beds to always being there for them when they need them.
  • Teachers: Teachers are able to improve society by creating well educated individuals, who are able to contribute and mix within their community.
  • Friends, family members, random members of the public: Anyone can be considered a personal hero, whether they save the person from a troublesome situation or they inspire them.


Consider why these particular types of people are heroes. What are some other common Real Life Heroes? Why are some professions or people not considered heroes and does this lack of heroism therefore make them a villain?

Choose either one of the examples of Real Life Heroes or decide upon one within your group and complete the assignment.

Remember to use the Discussion board of this page to communicate with your group members and to collaborate your ideas.

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