Super Villains

Often found in comic books and science fiction movies, super villains oppose the superheroes of the fictional world. Typically they aspire for complete leadership and world domination, and are egotistical, savage and merciless characters. Super villains use their incredible powers ruthlessly to achieve their goals of complete dominance and defeat of their enemy. Super villains typically need to have a power that rivals their superhero counterpart, often giving them an edge over the 'good' side.

Darth Vader

This menacing tyrant rules over the evil Galactic Empire in the original star wars trilogy, beginning as a Jedi in training and becoming one of the greatest 'super villains' of the 20th century. He fights to maintain his control of the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance, and does so ruthlessly. In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Vader becomes obsessed with finding his heroic son Luke in order to coax him to the dark side, and also because he plays a major role in the Rebel Alliance. Vader has no sympathy for his victims, and anything of his former good self has been corrupted by his affiliation with the dark side. Although in the final installment of the Star Wars epic, Vader is able to slightly redeem himself by killing his evil master, their is no doubt of the 'super villain' characteristics visible in Darth Vader, with the character earning third place in the American Film Institute's 'Top 50 Villains list' ("AFI's 100 Years", 2003). Draw on your viewing of The Empire Strikes Back and the clips below to list and discuss the traits of 'super villain' that Darth Vader demonstrates. Use the discussion board tab above.

Darth Vader - Star Wars

Here is a clip of the fight between Vader and Luke, as well as the famous quote that is still used today.

This next clip is an example of the brutality of Vader.

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